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By the grace of God, Charles and Yveatte Moore raised their two children on the truth and precepts of the Bible. Their family invested 20 years into traditional church ministry where they were involved in dynamic children's, youth and college-aged programs. Charles and Yveatte also served as teachers and leaders in the spiritual development of children and young people through an apartment outreach program. In addition to serving as Deacon, Charles taught in men's ministries, including a weekly basketball outreach program, and Yveatte was privileged to lead and teach in women's ministries. They also taught and led marriage and relationship classes with an emphasis on personality traits.

Reaching beyond the walls of traditional church ministry, Charles and Yveatte now proclaim God's Word through the unlimited environment of the Internet. Warmly regarded as Cyber Pastor, Charles preaches and ministers through Daily-Bible-Verse.net, and Yveatte’s focus is teaching others how to take hold of the promises in God's Word by growing their faith.

Charles and Yveatte have been married for 33 years and have two children, a daughter who is married with a baby on the way, and a son who supports the ministry.

Their passion and primary message is freedom in Christ. Daily-Bible-Verse.net was created as a tool to send out the light and truth of God’s love. Visit their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/MercyQuotes. Or contact them at mercyquotes@gmail.com.




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