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Charles and Yveatte Moore have spent 20 years in traditional church ministry, focused mostly on dynamic Youth and College-aged programs, where they were privileged to serve as teachers and leaders in the robust spiritual growth of many young people, including their own two children. They also taught in children’s ministries, which included an apartment outreach program. They have led marriage-focused classes, as well. 

Reaching beyond the walls of traditional church ministry, Charles and Yveatte minister by preaching and teaching through the unlimited environment of the Internet. Warmly regarded as a Cyber Pastor, Charles preaches periodically, ministers through the Daily Bible Verse Facebook page and leads a weekly basketball outreach program, while Yveatte’s passion is teaching the Word of God primarily through writing.

Charles and Yveatte have been married for 32 years and they have two children, a daughter who was recently married and a son, twenty years of age who works and supports this ministry with administration and contributing illustrations.

Their passion and primary message is freedom in Christ. Daily-Bible-Verse.net was created as a tool to send out the light and truth of God’s love.

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