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Matthew 5:8 (NASB)

Blessed are the pure in heart:
for they shall see God.

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Bible Commentary

Matthew 5:8 is a Bible verse in the New Testament where Jesus Christ is giving the most famous sermon from His ministry, in which He speaks of a particular gift for the pure in heart—seeing God.

Can a person really see God? Let’s look deeper into the words that Jesus said. The word “blessed” in Matthew 5:8 in Greek means: fortunate, well off, happy. We all want to be blessed and happy.


What does Jesus mean by “pure in heart”?

The word “pure” in Greek means: clean, clear. The word “heart” in Greek means: thoughts or feelings, mind.

Though we’re human, we’ve all had times when we’ve had pure thoughts or feelings, but can we be considered “pure in heart”? That seems like a very tall order.


If we look deeper into the word “pure,” it is defined as: 1) free from mixture or contact with that which weakens, impairs or pollutes; 2) free from moral defilement.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear that we all fall short of being free from being in contact with that which pollutes. None of us have been able to live a perfect life, except Jesus Christ. He was the Son of God.

So why would Jesus talk about a wonderful gift of seeing God, if we don’t qualify to receive it?

Unlocking the Truth -  See God

Be encouraged. Jesus is the Way to abundant blessings and heavenly gifts here and now. Receive Him into your heart with a simple and willing prayer, and He will save you from your sins.

When we do that, we have access to the rich spiritual inheritance He offers us. The mind of Christ in just one of those gifts.


It doesn’t mean we will immediately be pure in heart, having only clean thoughts and feelings after we invite Him in, but we will have an opportunity to gradually be transformed into His likeness by following Him.

As we walk with Jesus and get to know Him and the Bible--His Word--our communication with Him grows more familiar and more recognizable.


Then, like an internal light (or understanding), we begin to see God in particular Bible verses, in our spouse or other loved ones, certain circumstances, in pastors and teachers, and even in music lyrics and books.

God is Spirit, fluid and graceful, moving in and through people, things and situations. Our eyes are opened to see God as we walk closely with Him, being dedicated in our prayer time and Bible reading.

He can minister to us through anyone and anything at any time. Let's be watchful. He has planned beautiful surprises for us in each day, but if we do not expect them, we may not see them or see God.

What an amazing adventure it is to be a child of God and know Him personally! Study the Bible verse of Matthew 5:8 and expect to see the glory of God in your life.



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