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Psalm 111:7 (NLT)

All he does is just and good,
    and all his commandments are trustworthy.

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Psalm 111:7 is a Bible verse that reminds us that every work God does is good, and that He is trustworthy.

Our daughter, Taylor has a number of valuable traits and gifts, but one gift in particular was a great help to her in her school years—running. 

So, when she was old enough to try out for the track team at school, she did and was very successful. She did well enough in high school to earn a spot on the collegiate team at Oklahoma Baptist University, but before she could go on to college she had to graduate from high school. Like many students, Taylor struggled in math.


Though she hadn’t yet passed the state mandatory math test after two attempts her senior year, we followed God's leading and visited the OBU campus. She was allowed to take the state math test a third and final time, and we eagerly waited three weeks for the results.

While we waited on test results, we met with the track coach and signed preliminary paperwork, hoping she had passed and officially graduated high school. To God’s glory, Taylor passed the test and received her high school diploma and final transcript one day before the deadline for enrollment at OBU.

Psalm 111:7 reminds us that God is faithful and just in all His works.

Psalm111:7 All he does is just and good, and all his commandments are trustworthy.

However, there was another hurdle. She had to face and overcome fear of the unknown, moving away from the only home she had ever known to a city three hours away from her hometown, without the comfort of a familiar face on campus. She didn’t know any other student there.

For her, it was a huge leap of faith. It was a difficult year for her. Though she made some new friends, she lacked confidence and was extremely homesick. But with many prayers, she persevered, passed her classes and finished her freshman year.

Psalm 111:7
All he does is just and good,
    and all his commandments are trustworthy.

Unlocking the Truth - A Perpetual Motion

During that difficult year, she began to doubt if she was really supposed to be there. She didn’t have peace. With her Dad’s strong but gentle encouragement, he reminded her that just because God leads you somewhere it doesn’t mean things will be easy.

Psalm 111:7 also says all God’s commands are trustworthy.

Her Sophomore year was a bit easier. She made more friends and deepened some friendships from her first year. With increased confidence and an improved attitude, she had a greater desire to not just participate in track, but to contribute to her team.


Her coach persuaded her to try the 600 Meter race, which she had never done. She agreed and did very well, well enough to qualify for the Nationals trip. However, she was not expected to make it past the preliminaries to the finals because her times had not been fast enough.

But to everyone’s surprise, she ran her personal best time and made it to the finals. Her teammates and coaches were both surprised and thrilled. Then, again surprising herself and everyone else with another personal best time, she placed second in the finals. We were all very excited and so proud of her.

She later shared with me that one of her teammates had told her she had inspired him with her performance. I knew that was very meaningful to her because she had tears in her eyes when she shared it with me.


The value of her placing second was important because it contributed points to her team’s score, which helped them win the championship, which was great and exciting for all of them. However, the real and lasting value was the inspiration to her teammate.

God is faithful in all His works (Psalm 111:7).

Championships come and go. The fame and glory of first place is only temporary. But the inspiration gained by even one person from Taylor’s performance in that one race was like a drop of water in a lake rippling outward. The underlying affects are endless and impossible to track with the human eyes.

Our daughter didn’t get emotional when she told me her team won the championship, a temporary victory; the emotion came when she told me she had been an inspiration to someone, a perpetual motion.

If she hadn’t pushed through a difficult freshman year, she wouldn’t have known the full joy of that moment. If she hadn’t overcome all the struggles of high school or pushed through the loneliness of being homesick, she might not have experienced that special time.


But with God's help she persevered, all the while developing leadership qualities. She didn’t even realize those qualities were being cultivated in her, but as she pushed through one day at a time and overcame, she was getting stronger and more confident.

God is trustworthy in all His commands (Psalm 111:7).

That’s how she was able to surprise herself and her team with a personal best time twice in a row. It came from that place within her that God had been cultivating, like a bright light ready to break out. 

You don’t have to be #1 to be an inspiration, to make a difference in someone’s life. While that inspirational moment was meaningful and joyful for her personally, it also became a catalyst for transforming her into a leader for her entire team.

Though she continued successfully as a student and athlete during her remaining college years, she more importantly contributed as a leader and encourager to the rest of her team. Again God was faithful, and she was named a Champion of Character by the coaching staff her senior year.

When we are faithful to God, He is faithful to us.

You too, have endured difficulties and overcome hardships in your life. Maybe you don’t see it right now, but God has been developing leadership qualities in you, too.

He has given you gifts that are unique to you, and He plans to use those leadership qualities for His purpose, for something good, something beautiful. Maybe He already has, and yet the best is still to come.

Study the Bible verse of Psalm 111:7 and know that God is faithful in all His works and trustworthy for you to follow with all your heart.

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