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Psalm 37:6 (ESV)

He will bring forth your righteousness as the light,
    and your justice as the noonday.

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Psalm 37:6 is a Bible verse from a popular Psalm King David wrote, which reminds us that God does not forsake His Saints.

Psalm 37 is one of my favorite Psalms because it gave me hope and encouragement through a long, difficult season in my life when I felt surrounded by enemies every day.

Have you ever felt like you were under a microscope, and that everything you did was under scrutiny, by one person or another? Sometimes it is very clear to us who the wrongdoer is, and yet we are the ones under attack. Life can be very unfair.


David understood this. He went through quite a long season of persecution from the king, even after he helped win a critical battle for Israel. He had to flee for his life when the king tried to kill him.

Psalm 37:1 says, “Fret not yourself because of evildoers;
    be not envious of wrongdoers!
For they will soon fade like the grass
    and wither like the green herb.

King David was inspired by God. He grew close to God during the many days and nights when he was out in the field tending his father’s sheep. God revealed many truths to David, which manifested in his life.


In Psalm 37:6, David tells us that God will bring forth our righteousness as the light and our justice as the noonday. It is natural to defend ourselves when accused or condemned, but David reminds us that God is the One Who will bring forth our righteousness.

Have you tried defending yourself, but to no avail? Our attempts to right the wrongs done to us are usually futile. God has a way of teaching us humility at the same time He teaches us to wait for Him.

When we’ve said and done everything we can and nothing works, then we realize we have no control over the situation and we give up trying to exonerate ourselves. And that‘s usually when we look up to God…bingo.

Unlocking the Truth - Tenacity and Tenderness

Psalm 37:6
"He will bring forth your righteousness as the light,

 and your justice as the noonday."

The word “righteousness” in Hebrew means: the right (natural, moral or legal); equity, prosperity.

Maybe it’s not honor you seek, but justice, or equity as it states above. You just want the truth to be known. You know and see the truth, but it seems no one else does. It can be so frustrating!


Believe it or not, God is on our side, but He has to get us in a position of surrender. He desires a relationship with us, but He won’t impose Himself upon us. 

He creates opportunities for us to ask for His help.

For me, I believed the Word I was reading, and Psalm 37 was encouraging to me. I just didn’t like having to wait on God to do something. And it seemed like a long wait. This is what I learned:

In the waiting, He was creating a tenacity in me that I couldn’t have developed on my own. The hostile situation I was stuck in caused me to look inward for the truth about myself. It took more courage for me to do that than to face my enemies every day…tenacity.


With the help of Jesus Christ, the more truth I uncovered, the easier my situation became. It was in facing the truth that He healed my heart from wounds of the past, which gave me a strength I didn’t know was possible. As the junk got cleaned out of my heart, there was more room for Him.

The answer to my situation wasn’t necessarily justice, or getting out of a hostile environment, but it was more of Christ in me. Over a period of time, He did just as He promised and judgment was issued on the people involved. By then, my heart was much healthier and when justice finally took place, I felt sympathy and tenderness toward them instead of satisfaction from revenge.

Even today there are situations where I’m still waiting on God to show me justice as He promised, but it isn’t nearly as important to me since He healed my heart. Because He has taken the rightful place of King in my heart, I can forgive them and pray for them, being content and trusting that He’s got it.

Study the Bible verse of Psalm 37:6 to be encouraged in the waiting, and experience the tenacity and tenderness of Christ in you.



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