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End Times

Revelation 4:1a (ESV) 

After this I looked, and behold, 
a door standing open in heaven!

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Revelation 4:1a is an intriguing Bible verse from the last book of the Bible where John described what he saw after writing to the seven churches.

John, the servant and disciple of Jesus Christ, was privileged to bear witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, of all that he saw. (Revelation 1:2).

The Book of Revelation is full of mystery, intrigue, terror, excitement and finally—elation. It has astounded men for ages. When people want to know more about the “end of the world,” they turn to the Book of Revelation.


The problem is, it is difficult for a seasoned Christian to understand, but especially someone new in Christ and particularly, an unbeliever. We are so accustomed to getting the information we want and need in seconds that it can be quite frustrating to have to read a book, and then still not have the answers we want.

Even the disciples of Jesus were intrigued and concerned about when the “end of the world” would be. When they asked Jesus, He answered them in Matthew 24:36,

“But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.”

Unlocking the Truth - Only God Knows

Only God knows the day and time the trumpet will sound. For those who know Jesus Christ, it will be a joyous sound.
In Revelation 4:1, John looked and saw a door standing open in Heaven. The word “door” in the Greek means: a portal or entrance; door, gate.

Imagine what it might look like through the opening of this door. We might picture a bright light, beautiful colors, or Jesus Himself. We would see magnificent beauty no doubt, but we would also sense a brightness within our very souls.

We would know without being told that this is Heaven, a place of safety, serenity, splendor and the majesty of Almighty God. Captivated by the brightness of pure light, we would be drawn to the warm and welcoming embrace of pure love.


Through the opening of the door, we are humbled by an atmosphere of complete righteousness where there is no darkness and no sin, a place that commands a deep respect, and we silently stand in awe and wonder of this place—a place where there is no noise, no chaos and no desperation.

It is a place of extreme beauty, saturated in peace so that serenity penetrates our very soul, and there is no obstacle to stand in its way. Peace and truth weave in and out of every entity continually, without stopping.

Strangely, we feel richly satisfied and fulfilled. Our happiness is pure and complete without any strands of anxiety, which might pollute it. We feel beautifully clean, inside and out because there is no darkness anymore.

Only light.


The Presence of Jesus Christ is known, seen and felt into the very depths of our souls, so that we understand. We understand Him, His dwelling of righteousness and light. We know who we are because of Him living in us, communing with us.

Before, it was the darkness that interrupted our communion, our knowledge of Him, even though He was with us all along. He spoke to us, but we couldn’t hear him because of all the noise. The winds of chaos rang in our ears constantly before, but now…

Now we’re in the Presence of the Living God, the Almighty, the Lamb Who was slain for us. His love for us is so powerful and intense, like we’ve never felt before. There is nothing standing in its way anymore. It is powerful and moving. 

We're home.

On our knees, we bow in humble adoration…finally knowing how much He loves us. We are now secure in it. Nothing can take us away from Him, nothing.

Everything we ever wanted is here. Right here. It is more than we ever knew it could be, and yet here we are. In His Presence. 

Now and always…forever. Amen.

Study the Bible verse of Revelation 4:1a and look up with joyful expectation.



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