Romans 13:9 (NRSV)

The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery;
You shall not murder; You shall not steal; You shall
not covet”; and any other commandment,
are summed up in this word, 
“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

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Romans 13:9 is a Bible verse from the New Testament where the great Apostle Paul sums up the commandments of God.

Many of us were taught this basic Bible principle as a child. Jesus Himself said in Matthew 22:37-39 that this is the second greatest commandment in all the Bible, with the single greatest commandment being this: love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.

Since this principle is stated a number of times in the Bible, we know it is very important. If we could always treat others the way we want to be treated, we would have far fewer relationship problems.


But it isn’t always about the way we treat others, necessarily. The conclusion of Romans 13:9 says, “love your neighbor as yourself” not treat your neighbor as yourself.

That means whatever comes from the heart—our thoughts, attitudes and feelings—not just our actions. I heard a business speaker (who was very successful in a network marketing business) give one of her secrets to success, which was this: from the time she was a young child, she pretended that other people could read her mind—her thoughts.

This gave her the incentive to train her mind to look for and project only the positive things about a person. This helped her have great success in a business that was built upon good relationships.

No matter what kind of work we do, our success is built upon good relationships—working with others. The stronger our team is, generally the more successful it is.


A strong team, or family unit, is certainly very pleasing to God, the Father. In a world that is so cynical and judgmental, we are influenced and conditioned at a very young age to judge and compare others.

I’ve often said as a mother of two grown children that one of the toughest parts of raising children is keeping peace between them. I only had a small taste of what God the Father deals with continually.

The good news is this: we don’t have to stay where we are. We can get better. How?

Jesus Christ.

If you’ve already accepted Him as Lord and Savior, then you have everything you need to change…right now! The Holy Spirit living within us is eagerly waiting for us to access more of Him and less of our flesh.

The question is this: are you willing to change? Do you acknowledge the fact that you can be better? Think better? Love better?

I’m in! What about you?

Unlocking the Truth - Cycle of Love

There are a number of meanings listed in the Greek definition of “love” in Romans 13:9. Interestingly, it states that some meanings are related to the head (mind, will) and some to the heart (passion, fierceness).

We first must make a decision with our head, our mind and will, to love. Then our hearts, the passion, will follow.

Stop focusing on the negative and start focusing on the positive—very basic. With your mind and will, decide to make a list mentally (or on paper) of the things you like about others, particularly your spouse, and then thank God for them!


The way we love our spouse comes back to us. Harboring secret judgments and grudges even about little things, adds up to the same things being harbored toward us. We might not notice in the busyness of daily life, but after a time it builds up and gradually drains the excitement and life out of our relationship. Being thankful for the good things helps us forgive and let go of the negative things.

As we practice this, the grudges and resentment in our hearts begin to loosen up and fade away. It takes time and practice, but stay with it. It is wonderful to feel clean on the inside, and even more exciting when we feel a fresh new love and appreciation being stirred up for those closest to us.


Even greater than that is when we notice the same fresh new love and appreciation being reciprocated back to us! Hallelujah!

Love your neighbor as yourself. Romans 13:9

If you think about it, being thankful for the good things in others is actually praising them, like we praise God for His good attributes. It is a very satisfying feeling when that praise comes back to us from others, because it is genuine and not superficial. Then we don’t have to vie for attention. What we give out in genuine heartfelt admiration comes back, and forms a continual cycle of love and new life—in marriage, family and friendships.

How satisfying, and how pleasing to the Father.

Start now and watch your heart and your relationships be renewed. People will see the love of Jesus Christ in you, and it will be reflected right back to you. Study the Bible verse of Romans 13:9 and unleash the mind and heart of Jesus Christ within you. Let's love as He loves.



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