by Dustin underwoo

Got to say. One day i asked for gods help he answered so quick with three fellowship brothers knowing i was crying hurting in so much pain from my drug addiction couldn't stop on my own god has made a way for me to help myself and encourage others to wake up and grow and be strong enough to walk away when things are not in order i want to say i'm glad god bumped into me when in need i stole lied done alot of drugs fought instead of turned my cheek i walk a very sinful life not saying i don't sin god i wish but i'm still a sinner but healing is really happening i'm 33 time to get my life on track and keep good example for kids thank you my father for moving in such a way

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Aug 19, 2017

Thank you, Dustin!

Thank you Dustin, for sharing your testimony! You are already setting a good example just by sharing your story. We commend you for seeking God's help in turning away from addiction. We pray in Jesus' Name that it no longer has any hold on you, and that you stand fast in the liberty of Christ. Amen! Many blessings to you and your family, Dustin.

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