God's hand.

God's grace is so amazing that even n sinner like me can feel the

Pure calmness that only He can provide. I just want to praise Him
For being my shelter and always showing me that my time is not
his time and that God will wreck your plans if he sees that your
Plans will wreck you. I can see His hand in my life even when
I know I don't deserve his mercy, He gives it to me anyway.
Never stop acknowledging his love for you even trough tough times.
Everything happens according to His will. Trust in His love for
You and then you will see the beauty of the life He has given you.

Comments for God's hand.


Jul 12, 2016

Thank you!

I appreciate your encouraging comments! You are so right. The grace of God is bigger than all of us. I hope and pray for many blessings upon your life. Thank you again for sharing.

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