God,sgrace for me

by Denver devos

My name is denver nd i ws a ganster drug dealer nda gang leader i serve 12years of my life behind bars for tha years i ws in jail i lost my dad as tha time goes by i lost every friend i have bt God send a angel 2watch over me bc he hada plan 4my life.whn i ws release out of prison i didnt gt work nd start my own gang nd i ws in th gangster world again.nd thn God send sum1 on my road c ws a child of God c invite me 2church bt every time i tell her sumthing diffrent jst 2stay out of church bc i had still hatred in my heart bc i did think God had failed me for all tha years bt i was wrong one sunday i went 2church with her nd i begin 2knw God wasn it for God,s grace he had i woudn have made it this far God teach me 2have faith ndtrust his love Gods great.

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May 10, 2017

Thank you, Denver!

Denver, we so appreciate you sharing your story and testimony! What an inspiration you are of God's unfailing love and how He pursues us and calls us to Him no matter where we are or what we've done. May you continue to personally and intimately know God's love in your life multiplied in so many ways, so you can bring glory to His great Name and lead others out of the dark and into the light. (1 Peter 2:9) Amen.

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