He is mighty yet Gentle

I firstly would like to give all praise to the Almighty Father and honour and Worship. By his grace, iv been redeemed , iv Learnt that What God says is no joke, and is not said to kill time, but God is real and he means business, when he says I am not man to tell a lie, and Yee Who Finds me, Finds eternal life. God has the power to set you free from the strongest hold that you have been in bondage by, Redeem you , heal you Restore you , make you whole, and still be Gentle enough to waite on you to come to him. He says nothing, nothing is impossible with me, but first I need you to come to me as you are, bring all your burdens to me and I will give you my yolk. Now this is eternal life, peace, green pastures goodness nd joy, the whole package, now what got my attention was the fact that He doesn't force himself on man, but answers to those who call upon his name. All this time I have been just waiting on God to move or act in my life, but wasn't aware that I have to act too from my side, meet him somewhere, give him something to work with. The Love the Father has for us is beyond, the plans he has for us are unmeasurable but we have to give ourselv away to the Fathers presence first.

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Sep 03, 2016

Amen and Thank you!

You are so right! Thank you so much for sharing that with us!

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