by Dumiso
(Zone 10 Meadowlands, Soweto)

God has done a lot to me and I will forever give glory! Well, recently at my church, we had a Campaign of the Bridegroom which ran for 10 consecutive Wednesday's... In this Campaign, we focused more on seeking the Lord and also fill up our Faith and more. In so doing, we also had filled anointing oil on our bottles, unlike the "Five Foolish Virgins"...please see Matthew 25 - Parable of the Wise and Foolish... Cutting the long story short, with very same oil, I was told that there was an aunty who came from work really sick, hence I was summoned to have a look at her. As I went to her house, she was lying in bed, face and feet swollen. I felt her pain. I prayed for her and used my anointing oil, she surely had lost hope of being better and rather preferred death. But all that changed as this God through this oil, showed His power and healed her. Now she is perfect and can't get enough of praising me. All Glory and Thanks to our Father who Art in Heaven, Amen!

Comments for MY FAITH


Jun 28, 2016

Praise the Lord!!!

Dumiso, thank you so much for sharing this amazing testimony!! Miracles can be continual as we unite in faith.

You and your church should be commended for focusing on the Lord and growing your faith together. What a revival!

Nothing in heaven or on earth can stop God's people who unite in faith in the power of His love.

I join with you in praising our Heavenly Father Who gave us His Son.

In Christ,

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