The importance and power of prayer

by Lindi Mhlanga

Every time I decide to pray for wisdom, I go through so many challenges. I guess you have to experience in order for you to get wise, but it gets hard sometimes. Recently I was happy and my life seemed to be falling into place, I decided to love God with all my heart following the scripture "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" this was after a sermon i heard at church. Boy I got the biggest challenge my husband got hit by a stroke! Now you go through the emotions as a human, you get scared you try what you can humanly possible do then pray in the midst of it all, then you start to lose faith and then grace brings you back to prayer and says trust in the Lord your God he will never leave you nor forsake you.

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Nov 04, 2017

Thank you, Lindi!

Lindi, thank you so much for your testimony! Yes, the Lord always calls us back into fellowship with Him where we can hear His still, small voice. He is the One in control, and He has blessings wrapped up in the challenges. We see them as we continually seek Him first. We pray in Jesus' Name for a complete restoration of your husband's health. By Jesus' stripes we are healed. By His blood we have the forgiveness of sins. We claim health and healing in Jesus' Name and the revelation of God's glory for Lindi to see and give testimony. Thank You, Lord, for it's in Jesus' Name we pray. Amen!

Many blessings and peace to you.

Yveatte Moore

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